Caliber4,5 mm (.177) Pellet
Power Source88 g CO2 capsule
Magazine capacity8 shot(s)
SightsFiber Optic adjustable for windage and elevation
Max. energymax. 7,5 Joule(s)
Length1040 mm
Barrel length600 mm
Weight2600 g
Special feature(s)also 2 x 12 g CO2 capsules can be used with adapter
Velocity175 m/s
Triggeradjustable trigger travel
The multiple-shot CO2 repeating rifle Hämmerli 850 AirMagnum replaces the traditional single-shot spring-operated rifle.

The Hämmerli 850 AirMagnum is a high-tech, fixed barrel, 8-shot rifle that features a uniform, rapid rate of fire. The bolt-action feeds the pellet directly into the barrel, resulting in precise long-distance shooting with minimal velocity reduction. It‘s all-weather synthetic stock is ambidextrous with cheekpieces on both sides of the Monte Carlo stock and your target will be clear and your hand steady with the 850‘s fiber optic sights and checkered grips.
  • 2.5117

    Walther Tactical Metal Bipod I

    foldable, with Picatinny rails - black

  • 2.5118

    Walther Quick Shot Bipod

    with hand grip - black

  • 2.5119

    Walther Tactical Metal Bipod II

    foldable and height adjustable - black

  • 465.100

    Umarex Silencer

    for 850 AirMagnum and Cx4 Storm

  • 465.101

    Umarex CO2 Adapter for 2 Capsules of 12 g

    for 850 AirMagnum / CR 20 S

  • 465.102

    Umarex Cylinder Magazines

    for 850 Airmagnum / 1250 Dominator, cal. 4,5 mm

  • 465.103

    Umarex Cylinder Magazines

    for 850 Airmagnum / 1250 Dominator, cal. 4,5 mm

  • 465.104

    Umarex Picatinny Rail

    for 850 AirMagnum/ 1250 Dominator

  • 465.107

    Umarex Valve kit

    16 Joules, for 850 AirMagnum

  • 465.27.01

    Hämmerli Vorderschaftkappe

    Schiene für Zweibein

    For over 40 years, UMAREX has been making high-quality recreational and sporting guns at its headquarters in Arnsberg, Germany. With the help of skilled metal workers, CAD professionals and traditional gunsmiths we design and manufacture a large share of our products right at our factory, and when servicing is necessary this is where they are also repaired. Over the years we have built up a large stock of spare parts. Customers who need advice can get quick, uncomplicated assistance by telephone. All of this comes from our commitment to deliver what you expect when you read “Made in Germany”.