Caliber4,5 mm (.177) Pellet
Length1095 mm
Weight4240 g
TriggerXM-trigger: adjustable trigger travel
Energy7,5 Joule(s)
Concentrated power
This rifle is powerful, but easy on the shoulder thanks to the large 30-mm piston and long travel of the break barrel that tensions the spring. The Walther Century GT with its synthetic stock is the strongman among the new spring-operated models. Pellets are propelled by compressed air through the 400-mm barrel with a muzzle energy of up to 24 joules. The form-fit and force-fit barrel lock ensures consistent precision.The rifle comes fully assembled and ready to shoot, with a sturdy Walther 6 x 42 telescopic sight (upgradeable with open sights!).

• High-performance system with piston diameter of 30 mm
• Form-fit and force-fit barrel locking for constant precision
• XM trigger – adjustable first stage travel and trigger weight
• Aluminum barrel weight. Barrel with ½“ UNF thread for mounting a silencer
• Including Walther 6 x 42 rifle scope with parallax adjustment and High-Power mount (upgradeable with rear and front sight)
  • 600.112

    Walther Spring, 16 J

    for Walther LG

  • 2.4849

    Walther Silencer

    for Walther LGV

  • 600.110

    Walther Tuning trigger

    for 16 joules completion

  • 3.2061

    Walther Spring Grease

    Content: 10 ml

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