Umarex AirJavelin

CO₂ Arrow Rifle

Air Archery combines the advantages of an airgun with the positive features of a crossbow. This generation of technically sophisticated arrow rifles is made for sports and recreational use as well as for hunting purposes.

The Umarex AirJavelin demonstrates just how good such a hybrid can look: Visually, it is reminiscent of an AR-15-style airgun. With a continuous Picatinny rail and an M-LOK system on the forearm, it is universally modifiable.The collapsible stock locks into place at the ideal length and the cover of the enduring 88 g CO₂ capsule can be securely gripped. But the projectiles reveal that there’s a crossbow in its DNA. Instead of pellets it fires special hollow arrows that are accelerated straight to their target from the internal projector.

This design results in considerably enhanced precision for an archery device. The difference from a conventional bow or crossbow is that the arrows are not propelled from the back, but directly from behind the arrow head, free of vibration. In addition, there are no bulky limbs to handle and no bowstring to be pulled back with great effort. Just insert an arrow from the front until you hear a click. Then cock the trigger, release the safety and shoot.

The AirJavelin comes with three carbon arrows.

Technical data
Power Source1x 88 g CO₂
Velocity (V₀)295 fps
SafetyPushbutton Safety
SightsFront Sight / Rear Sight
Shot capacity40 rounds
Length806 mm
Weight2040 g
Recommended arrows2.2334, 2.2335

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