Smith & Wesson Mod. 586-4"

cal. 4,5 mm (.177) pellet - black
Caliber4,5 mm (.177) Pellet
Power Source12 g CO2 capsule
Magazine capacity10 shot(s)
Safetydrop safety
Sightsadjustable for windage and elevation
Max. energyapprox. 4,0 Joule(s)
Length285 mm
Barrel length140 mm
Weight1250 g
Special feature(s)interchangeable barrel systems
Velocity130 m/s
TriggerDouble Action
The Smith&Wesson® Model 586 CO2 revolvers are authentic replicas of the legendary original and match it in weight, handling and trigger characteristics.

They are available with 4“ and 6“ barrels. Interchangeable barrels in these lengths are also available, and they can be switched without difficulty. Another useful feature is the adjustable micrometer sight, which improves shooting performance. The 12 g CO2 capsule is concealed behind combat rubber grips. A pawl quickly releases the 10-shot cylinder for reloading.
  • 448.106

    Smith & Wesson Cylinder magazines

    for Smith & Wesson 586/686

  • 448.100

    Smith & Wesson Interchangeable Barrel System

    to Smith & Wesson 586/686

  • 448.102

    Smith & Wesson Interchangeable Barrel System

    to Smith & Wesson 586/686

  • 448.107

    Smith & Wesson 11 mm Adapter Rail

    for Smith & Wesson 586/686

  • 448.108

    Smith & Wesson Weaver Rail

    for Smith & Wesson 586/686

  • 448.116

    Smith & Wesson Rubber Grips

    for Smith & Wesson 586/686

  • 3.1512

    Umarex Nylon Holster

    for large pistols

  • 3.1517

    Umarex Belt Holster type Pancake

    suitable for large pistols

  • 3.1559

    Umarex Belt Holster

    with magazine pouch, for medium-sized pistols

  • 3.1564

    Umarex UTG Thigh Holster

    black, right-hand

    For over 40 years, UMAREX has been making high-quality recreational and sporting guns at its headquarters in Arnsberg, Germany. With the help of skilled metal workers, CAD professionals and traditional gunsmiths we design and manufacture a large share of our products right at our factory, and when servicing is necessary this is where they are also repaired. Over the years we have built up a large stock of spare parts. Customers who need advice can get quick, uncomplicated assistance by telephone. All of this comes from our commitment to deliver what you expect when you read “Made in Germany”.


    Smith&Wesson® and M&P® are a registered trademarks used under license by Umarex



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