Caliber4,5 mm (.177) BB
Power SourceCO2
Magazine capacity18 shot(s)
Length160 mm
Barrel length85 mm
Weight565 g
Velocity110 m/s
TriggerSingle Action
Shoots per cartridgeapprox. 120
Energy2 Joule(s)
This is what you call timing: The new Walther PPS M2 has just come out in a lethal version as a 9 mm Luger, and at the same time the CO2 version for BBs and 4.5 mm pellets has been updated. M2 stands for the magazine release, located on the left side, which replaces the lever that was formerly integrated in the trigger guard. Other important features are the modern PPQ finish with easy-grip grooves in the metal slide and the Hi-Grip surface finish on the frame. In spite of the compact design, a blowback effect was not neglected.
  • 5.8314.1

    Walther Magazine

    for PPS M2


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