Power SourceCO2
Magazine capacity15 shot(s)
SafetyFiring pin safety
Length192 mm
Barrel length106 mm
Weight725 g
Velocity95 m/s
TriggerSingle Action
Special feature(s)Blow Back
Shoots per cartridgeapprox. 60
Energy1,4 Joule(s)
In 2005, the US manufacturer Smith & Wesson brought out the M&P40 in its Military & Police line. Now Umarex is offering a licensed CO2 version of the .40 S&W for over-the-counter sale. The magazine holds 19 BBs in .177/4.5 mm. With its black polymer frame and blue metal slide the pistol has a solid, heavy feel and delivers a realistic blowback effect.
  • 5.8318.1

    Smith & Wesson Magazine

    for M&P40 TS


    Smith&Wesson® and M&P® are a registered trademarks used under license by Umarex



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