Caliber4,5 mm (.177) BB
Magazine capacity6 shot(s)
Velocity105 m/s
Shoots per cartridgeapprox. 120
TriggerSingle Action
Length226 mm
Weight866 g
This version of the famed Colt Peacemaker is perfect for specialists and quick-draw experts. It has a short 3.5-inch barrel and comes without a sight, which would only get in the way at short distances. The specially shaped hammer can even be “fanned” with your second hand. In terms of mechanism and function it is otherwise the same as the other Colt SAA revolvers, with a CO2 cylinder concealed in the grip and six nickel-plated loading shells, each of which takes a 4.5 mm steel BB.
  • 5.8311

    Colt Metal cartridges

    6 pcs., for Colt SAA .45-7,5"


    Licensed Trademark of Colt´s Manufacturing Company LLC



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