Heckler & Koch HK417 D

Available Variants

The HK 417 assault rifle manufactured by Heckler & Koch is the "big brother" of the HK 416 (7.62 x 51/.308 instead of 5.56 x 45 or .223). It is designed as a "Designated Marksman Rifle" for medium distances. Here the copy as an electrical version in 6 mm with metal gear box

Technical data
Caliber6 mm BB
Magazine capacity100 shot(s)
Energy<1.0 Joule(s)
Length805 - 886 mm
Weight3500 g
  • 2.5945.1

    Heckler & Koch Magazine Mid-Cap

    for HK417D

  • 2.5945.2

    Heckler & Koch Magazine Hi-Cap

    for HK417D


    Licensed Trademark of Heckler & Koch GmbH



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