Walther Umbrella CarbonTac

Carbon fibre

This is almost what a secret agent would carry: the Walther black Carbon Tac umbrella looks at first – and second – glance like an ordinary umbrella. But it offers a lot more and could be of great assistance even on a sunny day. For example, you’ll find a glass breaker on the tip of this versatile accessory. The rod, made of CFRP, is not only handsome, it’s extremely sturdy and still weighs only about 700 grams. Extreme forces of up to 85 kilograms are no problem for this umbrella, which means it can be mighty helpful in emergencies. The strong polymer grip will not slip out of your hand it has the same Hi-Grip finish as the Walther PPQ. Practical features include a paracord lanyard on the handle and a nylon cover with two straps for hanging the umbrella or carrying it on your back like a rucksack.

Technical data
Length920 mm
Weight700 g

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