Caliber6 mm BB
Magazine capacity20 shot(s)
Energy1,6 Joule(s)
Length970 - 1040 mm
Weight3705 g
This unusual model created a stir when it came out in an electric version, and now it is available in a limited GBB version. The HK G28, used by sharpshooters in the German army, is reproduced here down to the finest detail in excellent VFC quality. The full-metal rifle with a pronounced blowback effect weighs more than four kilograms and comes with a mount for a telescopic sight (30 or 34 mm), a mount for a red-dot sight, a bipod and a handgrip. Even the serial number range and licensed HK markings are authentic. Available only in a semi-automatic version, muzzle energy 1.6 joules.
  • 2.6129.1

    Heckler & Koch Magazine

    for G28 GBB


    Licensed Trademark of Heckler & Koch GmbH Trademarks authorized by Umarex



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