Caliber9 mm P.A.K.
Magazine capacity15 shot(s)
Length180 mm
Weight645 g
Originally designed and constructed for special forces, the Walther PPQ has long since also conquered the civilian market. The sophisticated grip-ergonomics in connection with the non-slippery Hi-Grip ™ surface structure as well as the exceptional trigger characteristics predestine the Walther PPQ not only for professional use in the authorities, but also inspire sport shooters.

With the model PPQ M2 Walther now offers a version with magazine release button at the left-hand side. The gas-signal-version of the Walther PPQ M2 convince with the same feel and handling as the original. Blued finish, plastic grips.
  • 3.1523

    Walther Paddleholster

    für P99 und PPQ M2

  • 3.3053

    Perfecta Multi Shooter

    for Gas Signal Guns

  • 3.3055

    Umarex Pyro Launcher

    for Gas-Signal Waffen

  • 310.600

    Walther Magazine

    for PPQ, 15 rounds

  • 312.150

    Umarex Silencer

    for Gas Signal Guns

  • 312.3

    Umarex Firework Adapter

    for PTB-No. 762, 765, 772

    For over 40 years, UMAREX has been making high-quality recreational and sporting guns at its headquarters in Arnsberg, Germany. With the help of skilled metal workers, CAD professionals and traditional gunsmiths we design and manufacture a large share of our products right at our factory, and when servicing is necessary this is where they are also repaired. Over the years we have built up a large stock of spare parts. Customers who need advice can get quick, uncomplicated assistance by telephone. All of this comes from our commitment to deliver what you expect when you read “Made in Germany”.


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