Brightness (Ansi)1350 / 540 / 130 (100% / 40% / 10%) lumens
ChipCree XHP50
Battery type3 x ICR18650 Li-Ion
Light duration6:15 / 18:00 / 58 (100% / 40% / 10%) h
Range300 / 190 / 100 (100% / 40% / 10%) m
Length200 mm
Weight484 g
Accessoriesrechargeable batteries, belt ring, power charger, USB cable and plastic case
Let there be light: This handy, compact flashlight with its special XHP50 chip from Cree generates an amazing 1350 lumens as measured according to the ANSI FL1 standard. The battery compartment can hold three ICR 18650 rechargeable batteries or, thanks to the multi-battery system, six CR123A batteries (which produce 1850 lumens). As with all flashlights in the Pro series, the beam can be dimmed from 100 to 40 percent or as little as 10 percent output. The Tactical Defense Strobe (TDS) keeps attackers at a distance and can be activated from any switching position. The GL1500r is useful in other ways too – when the USB cable, also supplied, is attached it can serve as a power bank for mobile phones. It has rating of IPX4 for watertightness.

      In 2009 the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) published the „Flashlight Basic Performance Standard“ (FL1). Now one can compare flashlights of different manufacturers with neutral means. This Flashlight is made and tested according to ANSI FL1.


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