Brightness (Ansi)935 / 375 / 95 (100% / 40% / 10%) lumens
ChipCree XM - L2
Battery type2x CR123, 1x ICR 18650 recharchable battery, 3x AAA Alkaline oder, 3x AAA NI-MH
Light duration1:20 / 2:15 / 9 (100% / 40% / 10%) h
Range215 / 155 / 90 (100% / 40% / 10%) m
Length143 mm
Weight171 g
AccessoriesBatteries (2 x CR123), Battery box for 3 x AAA
The hunting edition of the proven PL70 flashlight, in bright orange so you won’t lose it out in the field. The multi-battery system (MBS) gives you a choice: two CR123 batteries (for more power at below-freezing temperatures) or an ICR 18650 lithium-ion battery for repeated recharging. You can also use regular or rechargeable AAA batteries, which can be bought anywhere. Whatever you choose, this power-packed flashlight will deliver a whopping 910 lumens according to the ANSI standard. You can focus it with a single hand and switch between 100%, 40% and 10% (to preserve night vision) at the touch of a button – a much-appreciated feature of all flashlights in the Walther Pro series. In addition, the Tactical Defense Strobe (TDS) with its irritating 20-Herz flashing rate will help you deal with unpleasant encounters. It can be activated from any of the settings, even from “off”.

      In 2009 the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) published the „Flashlight Basic Performance Standard“ (FL1). Now one can compare flashlights of different manufacturers with neutral means. This Flashlight is made and tested according to ANSI FL1.


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