Browning X-Blade Hunter

Available Variants

The Browning X-Blade Hunter is a classic break-barrel rifle that features selected materials and practical functions to provide a unique shooting experience.

The focus here is on excellent handling and years of reliable operation. Texturing on the pistol grip and forearm of the elegant wooden stock and a rubberized butt plate give the user a secure grip in all kinds of weather. The X-Blade Hunter is loaded using the proven break-barrel mechanism, which is protected by a matt synthetic barrel jacket. Besides providing a better grip, the jacket keeps sweat and dirt away from the barrel.

The rifle comes out of the box with an open micrometer sight. The rear sight is adjustable in elevation and windage, and the fiber optic front sight provides a clear target image. The 11-mm rail can accommodate an optional rifle scope. The first-stage trigger travel can be individually adjusted, and the automatic safety is within easy reach of the thumb on the trigger hand.

Technical data
Energy level (E₀)< 7.5 J
Velocity (V₀)175 m/s (574 fps)
Caliber4,5 mm (.177) Pellet
Power Sourcespring-operated
Triggeradjustable first stage travel
Length1100 mm
Weight3041 g

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