Powered by an 88 g CO₂ capsule housed within the airgun, this exciting 30-shot carbine will provide years of shooting enjoyment. With over 200 shots from one 88 g CO₂ capsule, this Beretta replica airgun is fun, fast and accurate.

It comes with a long built-in Picatinny rail, so you can quickly mount a scope, red dot sight or laser. The Cx4 Storm looks and feels like the firearm it´s made after.

Technical data
Energy level (E₀)< 7.5 J
Velocity (V₀)175 m/s (574 fps)
Caliber4,5 mm (.177) Pellet
Power Source1x 88 g CO₂
Magazine capacity30 rounds
Shot capacity200 rounds
TriggerSingle Action
SafetyPushbutton Safety
Length780 mm
Weight2400 g
  • 475.100

    Beretta Magazine

    4.5 mm (.177) Pellet, 30 rds

  • 2.5004

    Umarex Compensator K1

    thread 1/2" UNF, suitable for airguns cal. 4.5 mm (.177) and 5.5 mm (.22)

  • 2.5008

    Umarex Silencer K3 Neo

    thread 1/2" UNF, 3 chambers, suitable for airguns cal. 4.5 mm (.177) and 5.5 mm (.22)

  • 475.101

    Beretta Picatinny Multi Rail

    1 bottom rail, 2 lateral rails

  • 2.5118
    UX TBP 1

    bipod for Weaver rail, opens by pushbutton, dual use as foregrip

  • 2.5119
    UX TBP 2

    bipod foldable for Weaver rail, adjustable height, rubber feet, with lateral Picatinny rails

    For over 40 years, UMAREX has been making high-quality recreational and sporting guns at its headquarters in Arnsberg, Germany. With the help of skilled metal workers, CAD professionals and traditional gunsmiths we design and manufacture a large share of our products right at our factory, and when servicing is necessary this is where they are also repaired. Over the years we have built up a large stock of spare parts. Customers who need advice can get quick, uncomplicated assistance by telephone. All of this comes from our commitment to deliver what you expect when you read “Made in Germany”.


    Beretta Trademarks Licensed by Beretta - Italy



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