Legends Cowboy Rifle Renegade

cal. 4,5 mm (.177) BB

Load, cock, fire, reload, and hear the cmetal shells hit the ground – the Legends Cowboy Rifles will make you feel like a real outlaw. The Renegade adds a modern and tactical version to the popular lever-action rifle selection and fulfills for the first time the needs of a world way after the Wild West.

The black version also takes two 12 g CO₂ cartridges and ejects its metal shells. In addition, it comes with a muzzle thread, a Picatinny rail for optical sights and a larger cocking lever with paracord for easier use with gloves.

The tube magazine holds ten 4.5 mm BBs.

Technical data
Caliber4,5 mm (.177) BB
Power Source2x 12 g CO₂
Magazine capacity10 shot(s)
TriggerSingle Action
SafetySliding Safety
Energy< 7,5 J
Velocity180 m/s (591 fps)
Shots (per filling / capsule)60 shot(s)
Length990 mm
Weight2835 g
    • 2.5008

      Umarex Silencer K3 Neo

      3 chambers, suitable for airguns cal. 4.5 mm (.177) and 5.5 mm (.22)

    • 5.8410

      Legends Shells

      cal. 4.5 mm (.177) BB

    • 2.5004

      Umarex Compensator K1

      suitable for airguns cal. 4.5 mm (.177) and 5.5 mm (.22)


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