Walther PDP Marking Set

incl. UV-Markingspray - Content: 11ml
Content11 ml
Effective distance5 m
The Walther PDP (Personal Defense Pistol) comes in black, white and pink. Open its break barrel, load a propellant cartridge, and you’re ready to fire powerful jets to a distance of up to six meters. A viewport allows you to check the color of the cartridge (teargas, pepper or plain water for training), and an automatic grip safety prevents inadvertent firing.

This set includes the black version of the Walther PDP and a Walther ProSecur marking cartridge. The red dye effectively marks attackers, and the fluorescent particles can be detected days later under ultraviolet light.
  • 2.2050.6

    Walther PDP Marking Spray

    red, with UV-Marking


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